“Shine bright like a Star”


I break

I fall

I am hurt

I cry

Cry hard until asleep,

Yet there is another day,

Where i shine bright like a star.

I wake

I stand

I hold

I am bold

Bold to accept my weak,

Because, there is another day,

Where i shine bright like a star.

I battle

I fight

I am scared

I hide

Hide my fears to sweep,

And there is another day,

Where i shine bright like a star.

I struggle

I fail

I am brave

I hail

Hail my goals to upkeep

Still there is another day,

Where i shine bright like a star.



“The Reaper”

She walked through the door in her dark hooded gown,
Leaving her scent behind,

I followed, impromptu, with closed eyes


Got hit by a car, ouch!

I saw her again, all dark lights and wings, like an angel with no electricity, falling from heaven,

I smiled,

She smiled,

And said: admire the beauty of essence, but not blindly.

You could’t see i am the reaper, you idiot,

Now you are dead 💀

“Ballerina on the street” 

She was a dancer, very much in her true spirit, a darn dance lover, living with the only wish, to be known, for her talent. But, the fears of being judged created a big barricade of reluctance in her art.

She was timid, still a passionate dancer. She was really good but, fears kept her from being great. And, slowly and slowly it made her to realize, becoming a dancer who would be remembered for ages, appears like far dream, fading into sky, getting lost and never seen. She was becoming dull and couldn’t do well, even in alone. She felt like a lonesome, an abandoned person with no hopes and choices in life. She started to suffer inside, unable to breathe, getting weaker and lean, losing the focus and strength.

One day, at a late night, while going home from practice, walking on an empty road, she stumbled on a stone, got her toe hurt. It made her very angry. In temper and pain she hit the stone hard as hard as she could. It blew right away, tumbling and rumbling, off the road, off the sight. Well, she was still in pain, and approached the nearby bench and sat there for few minutes. The cool breeze and the placid ambience stuffed her with some vibrancy, and she started to reconnoiter the whole incidence in her head, realizing her fears are nothing but the same stone she kicked right away to disappearance. Just like the stone, she needs to kick the fears away too, might be a way harder, with a no comeback for them.

She stood, vowed, never to lose faith in herself, if she lose, she will rise, again and will fight back, again and again but will never back down until she achieve her dream of becoming someone, becoming someone great, someone known, someone to bring a change to the existing trends, someone who could be an inspiration to others. While remaining in thoughts, she rose, closing her eyes to all the fears, burying them into the deep darkness, standing  up on her toes, flowing her hands syncing to the wind, musing at the music being played in her head, and she made her first move, then another and another and another… and danced like nobody is watching.

While kept dancing in her, unfamiliar of being captured in someone’s camera, being watched by somebody’s eyes.

Somebody right there in the same place was noticing her from the beginning. Somebody who was there just like her, seeking some questions, some hope, some inspiration right to fall upon from universe, some help, to give him a thought, to get him a job, to save him from getting homeless, to make him known, to make him someone and he found it right there. He found her, found his inspiration, while she being unfamiliar to his presence, he kept following her, clicking her, every move, every step, right from the beginning, never missing any expression, from head to toe, he captured all.

Once he got every perfect shot needed, he went home, didn’t sleep, and kept working. Working on a story for tomorrow’s headline, a story which will be on every wall, every street, everywhere. Finishing the work, he dropped the mail to his office of his best assignment ever and wanted them to make it on papers by tomorrow. And hoped and believed, he will have what he needs and what he deserves. And sun will shine more beautiful and bright tomorrow.

And, she couldn’t sleep. All she wanted to do was dance and dance. Dance to the moon, following her dreams.

When they both woke up the other day and saw the paper, they realized it’s not said vaguely that tomorrow brings a new shine and new day, a new start.

She couldn’t believe her eyes, the thing she was once afraid of, but wanted to achieve, she already did today. She was on the headlines, “Ballerina on the street”, and on every wall, every street, right there, she was everywhere. She didn’t knew how it happened and who made it happen, but thanked in her heart for giving her a reason to keep going ahead further and farther with higher and bigger dreams

She couldn’t believe what she has achieved, but she deserved it and had it at the right time, right moment, in her moment, her time.

He couldn’t believe that he actually has achieved it. He knew his capabilities before, but now, he new his new incarnation, his inner sense, his courage and his new path which was there but blur, now clear and clean, and he has already initiated his journey full of new challenges.

Just doing the right thing on the right time, keeping the bravery and firmness, propelling away the fears and never shutting your eyes to life, brings the most awaited gifts of life with tremendous joy and happiness vigorously  waiting for you to embrace it. Just like these two unknown people, who made each other known to world with their unending faith and belief in life and universe.




From every small to big, words, Laughter to sorrows,

Melancholy to tender rejoice, Poetry comes in variable types,

Demanding no returns, But always giving…

Sometimes wisdom, At times a new direction, new turns.


Memories and stories, Pains and glories,

Hardship to happiness, Poetry is all about what you express.

Affections, Passions, Love, Care, Adventure, or Dare

Words to thoughts, Phrases for stories.


Every mile stone, Dark cold or a broken bone,

Beautiful nights, To morning sunrise,

A visionary prospect, Or a mere verse of assets.

A story in a story, Talking immeasurable depth…

Of oceans, Of height, Of mountains, wideness Of a sky


Poetry is in the unrestricted, limitless Universe…

Of Emotions, thoughts, expressions, movements, actions,

Motivation, an inspiration, to…

Start something new,

Because, poetry is nothing but all about you…


Happy Reading! Happy Weekend!






After having a bad morning and a damn busy day, totally tired and dead in my head, I did not realise when did I hit the bed. And I jumped into the alien world, being its princess. I had not even started to enjoy my new role and the other aliens bumped in, demanding a territorial war.

WTF, where am I, in America, beside Donald Trump, watching entire community protesting against him. And I am wondering where is Obama, why is he been overtaken, wasn’t he suppose to serve another term, why did Hillary had to lose, why did she even had to run into elections, where is Michelle now, and why can’t she be the new president, Obama stays in the white house again, and then let Malia or Sasha take the other coming years and be the part of white house forever.

At least I will be saved from the scientific experiments being implemented on me everyday every night. Wait, why do they even have to do experiments on me, they think I am terrorist. Oh, is it that I am in a wrong planet, what the hell, where are my people, when did I come to this place. All I remembered is, I was having a territorial war at my planet with other aliens and I was fighting hard to win.

oops!  I felt a bump on my head, I feel dizzy, where am I, did I win . Oh! wait, what are you doing, don’t, stop please. And I saw, some white heads with white coats through my semi dozed eyes, unconsciously I overheard, they are on the success of their experiment witnessing the alien component in my DNA which makes me a being, but not human, yet a being, from outer space.

They clicked a big picture of my face, tagged it ALIEN, and about to go for a press release but, I hear they are planning a protest march now.

Again, what is happening, why I am in a cage, why I am here. Oh, don’t worry, you are safe for another few years. These scientist have finally decided to stand a protest and go on streets, though not today, but earth day is not so far, and they have big work to do. They don’t have time to play with you anymore, you can take a deep breath and thank the new president, that he consider human beings from other countries more dangerous than aliens. I slept in peace that night, wondering what is earth day, well whatever it is, if it saves my life, must be a good thing. Happy earth day earthens!

Hey, hold on, where are you taking me. What, president wants to eat me in dinner tonight. And, again, I am screwed, and again why am I on earth. I don’t like this place, everybody  is human and still fighting. Not just earth, they are heading towards mars too. Oh, no, that is not happening right. No. Ah, what a relief. No, it is happening. Arrrg! these humans, but how did I came here, and more of now, why, why only this place, why not anything better, why not Jupiter, why earth.

I wish I could go back home, back to Pluto, at least I was safe there, especially from these humans, I know they excluded my planet from their solar system and that save all  the Plutonians from their experimental studies on our lives…..

And I had the most interestingly horrible nightmare of my  two past half decade of life. No, I just made it up.

It almost took me a minute to realise, I am home, and it’s not Pluto, so sad. Anyways I am safe and sound, lying on my bed and thinking, I didn’t write any story today.

No, not really. I was thinking I am at so much of peace. While world is dealing with huge global shit everyday I feel so blessed being home, though I miss being on Pluto now, still happy, with a thought, no matter what place you go in the world, there is no country better than your own, besides, it shouldn’t be running a war.



A journey from
Infant’s smile,
To turning
Old and senile,
Baby’s whine
After birth,
To utter silence
Under grave hearth,
Happiness of making
A first friend,
To pain of walking
Lone on ends,
A game… with
Start of having crush,
To end with
Broken trust,
People with
Innocence and modesty,
Exploited by
Mocking and travesty,
Fake and ostensible beasts,
Masked under the sugar treats,
A business where
Money is the priority,
Emotional values are minority,
Only work is essential,
Family and friends
Becomes optional,
A greed for success,
Leading to a mental stress,
A denouement with psychotic disasters,
It’s “life” a tragedy of human monsters.

” 3 tip booster for an entire week”

If by chance you had a bad start of your day, here are few tips I am going to share with you guys. All you need to do is just follow the three step process and you are sorted for all day, everyday.

Tip 1:

If you use your laptops, cell phone or tablets 20 hours in a day, you gotta make this (image below) as your wallpaper. And every time you look at it, you will always have a smile on your face.


 It really works 🙂

Tip 2:

Like me if you are a coffee freak and a book lover, you would always find reasons to feel low. So you can have some extra coffee and extra reading to make your day super exciting.


It keeps you happy in your head. Its hormones you know, right 😛

Tip 3:

If above mentioned tips somehow fails to make your cranky day happy, just find a friend who can write you this (content below). And you will never have a reason to be sad ever, ever again.

“Me here , lying wasted in bed and waiting for your text ,
I feel happy for the time I have been with you but then I think what’s next.

We say ourselves connected with a special bond,
Two different minds but travel fond.
Haven’t been into many trips or any travel
Planning a lot but executing few as life here is such ravel.

The way I look from here,
I will be there sometime with you ,Close, Real and True
As life throws shit with time but we will make through

Looking for each others fears,
Spend a lot of time to give them a hear.
Acting on our plans , the big dreams ,
Not just in words but will hit this hard
and let the achievement scream.

With this closure note of focus,
I say welcome to the life without any Hocus Pocus.

Have a happy week guys. 🙂

“Meet and Greet: 2/4/17”

“meet and greet”

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“Marriage is a choice not a compulsion”


Once you turn twenty-five, the matter much and the most as a rule discussed topic about you and your life (either in your family or your relatives, in worst case scenario your friends too) is “MARRIAGE”.  The already stated age and word is jibed as a witch magic impromptu and you realize everybody in world has left their jobs adopting a new, daily course, of doing nothing but interrogating about you and your living. And their exploration doesn’t engross whether you are dead or alive, happy or unhappy, struggling or juggling, all the hordes’ (including those too, who might have never met you in entire life, but surprisingly giving a guest visit now) preoccupation is to know when are you getting married.

Well, I solely believe marriage is the least important thing anyone can do in his/her life. And heretofore you have achieved everything in life, no more goals undone, and you sense so damn bored that wanna try a new thing, probably you should think of marriage, but don’t take it as serious as an obsession because it’s just another event. And I stand in support of my words as defensively, I am capable of killing or dying (mostly it would kill) if anyone dared to piss me off with their unwanted intelligence on an article I am rarely interested to talk.

The objective of writing this entire story is distinctively not for me but someone very close I know and how much it disturbed their life due to parental (and to your parents its society) pressure they are bearing for some nuisance cause.

“Don’t let society decide when your kids should marry”

I genuinely wanna convey to those parents (Indian Parents) at this moment, we have been already a victim of bad parenting, you might have failed to notice as of your reasons for absolutely busy schedules of life, working too hard providing lock stock and barrel that you forgot to give the most important thing we needed i.e. “your time”. But your struggles took over for another 2-3 decades and we learnt to grow up all alone without you, well we managed. And certainly today we are standing exactly at the same point you were years back and I am wondering why you still want to drag us into the same “Dead Sea” you surged. You previously stipulated a very good example of “bad marriage” that might be a reason we do not even want to “think of marriage” before settling in our careers and achieving the goals. If, it is too much to expect from a parent to understand that we as your little ones need your patience, understanding and a faith in us? We are grownups, can take big decisions of our life individually. We would be delighted to have you as a support in everything we work, we don’t want to worry you or be a burden on you and we need our time in our life and we do not seek any family pressure and especially do not welcome any societal concerns.

The utmost gist of mentioning all above is, when we come home once in a year we don’t appreciate our folks to talk about society and its shit forbearing and thinking, we want our parents to talk, like a talk, talk about their life, about our life, to cover up that lost time of ages and put forth a step to mend the bond more strong on the base of convictions and compassion. We don’t want to run away from you, we don’t want to ignore you, we don’t like it and neither we want you to post some tragedy and traumatizing status and pictures on social media that your kids doesn’t call, doesn’t come home. At present of life the only thing any kid would expect, when they get a call from you, they want to be happy and let their entire day’s worry vanish in the air by looking at that one thing on the cell phone “home calling”. We don’t want to feel stressed talking to you, we are already suffering a lot, please do not add more to it. We need our family as a support in the most crucial years of our life.

 So it’s a request to all the parents, let your kids have their own time to decide their life changing decisions. Just stand by their side and make them not feel alone and stop asking when you are getting married because marriage is a choice not a compulsion.

“The Portrait”

Living my childhood hobbies to adulthood passion, writing and sketching. I am not too much of an artist, not even into practice for quite a long time.

And here along with this portrait I hit the 50 post of my blog. Please like, comment and share. Your feedback helps me work better.


Nothing is better than,

Black and white pictures of your thoughts,

Expressed in words

Even, colorless portrait talks,

The different shades of life,


When paint of memories are added to the frames,

Words to the emotions,

It is the perfection,

Witnessed alive

“Passion! All over again”


I had it into my vein, right to the heart,

And now it’s flowing in my blood stream, 

All over again

 A passion! To start a new way,

Of learning something, 

Every day

To travel the world,

From small streets,

To long roads

 Going Into the woods,

At late nights,

Wandering the parks,

Or pondering my shadow,

Under yellow lights,

Laying on the green grass,

Playing on my music list, that regular jazz

 A passion to be alive,

Like living a true life,

Watching a kid to its loudest smile,

Saying good nights to

That lady, turning old and senile

 Watch the birds flying back to home,

Sitting on a beach, counting the waves,

Getting high,

To the moon light,

Wait till the wee hours,

And witness the first sun rise.

 A passion to be a vagrant,

With a brave heart,

Compassion in soul,

Gratitude in eyes,

To follow a journey or truthfulness,

And bury the lies

 To admire the beauty of nature,

While getting older,

Keeping the touch of roots,

Right walking in my shoe,

To Breath air like, 

That first day of being around you,

And discovering the human intensity,

Of living a passion, 

Of traveling the world,

All over again

“The travel buddies”


Like you mentioned in your words: “from a same state, different thinking and mind
but we are connected with a passion, that is one of its kind – Travelling”

Indeed, you have a point,

Travelling has always kept us connected, conjoint,

I figured out some words to describe

A little,

A thread of our linking, thin, but not brittle.

And here is the journey to foretell:

We will travel the world together,

I will go somewhere,

I know you will always be there…

As in my thoughts,

Happiness and smiles,

Mood swings and Fights,

Or roaming in flights

From cafeterias to candle lights,

Standing on dark streets,

Under the moon,

Holding you tight

My cold feet to our warm night,

On your left, to my right,

You are always here,

In my heart,

Keeping the fervency,

Of our bond,

What we are holding very strong.

To a certain fact to our life, our fate,

That we are meant to be,

And we will be,

Travelers of the world

Either, closed fingers through our hands,

Or taking walks from different stands,

But, together and forever,

Like Biggie and Kiddo,

The best partners ever :*

And here ends the story.

When I can’t reach you, my words do,

Travelling electronic mile(s),

Just to wish you a very-very happy birthday,

And, make you smile  (Kiddo).

“Tree! Ever again”


I will stand strong and sound,

Also in loud thunders of darkest clouds,

Providing you shades, shelters and food

Even if I am old,

I will still be giving,

Shedding myself into a dry wood,

Burn myself to keep you warm,

And cozy in winters.

I might be used as your home decor,

Or a cupboard,

In your bedroom furniture,

Or I get carved into an instrument,

Playing your favorite music,

And, I will die, to make new things rise.

But, I will always be there,

Showering and serving,

Nature and mankind,

Watching you happy,

Growing, living, loving,

Laughing carefree,

This is how I want to live again,

How I want to be…

I was born a tree,

And I would always be…

A Tree! Ever again



Every day I browse internet, at least 1 in every 10 posts uploaded, talks about equality. Mostly, I have been reading about the [“equality”] thoughts of people just promoting feminism. Well, I would like to ask, since when the motto of equality succeeded the propaganda of equal rights and became a misleading thought of overpowering feminism?

Yes, I dislike the idea of chauvinism as equivalent I restrain the point of walking naked on streets, misdirecting the real facts of equal right, to some self promoting acts under the big banners of “feminism” and “women empowerment”. I considerately feel sorry for all those kinds, who still are letting their minds drawn away by the misconceptions and unrealistic verities.

So, I appropriately felt a responsibility of penning down a thought on equality, apparently, which must be shared with people.

Equality is not about separating genders,

It’s about uniting them,

In a poised manner,

And present it like an asset to society.

Equality is, not promoting feminism only,

Not to talk about one sex alone,

Rather bring it all for every human,

And speak about their rights

To live,

To love,

To have everything 

They wish for.

Equality is,

Not being biased,

But, to think straight,

Out of the box,

For every individual born,

To enjoy their freedom.

Equality is,

To get over animosity,

To bring equanimity,

To have a maintained peace and harmony.

Equality is to share

Equal rank,




For everyone,

Without a discrimination of gender, color, country, religion, 

And to have no fights.

Equality is to stay,

Stand, hold,

And work,


For world peace.

Equality is to represent the state of your mind,

That you feel for every kind,

And respect,

And regard,

For everything you get,

And rewarded for,

And to feel proud for, 

Being human,

The best creation of God.

Fill your soul until, bankruptcy!


Do a job as long as you like it to keep your pockets rich.

Live an adventure as long as you want to keep your soul rich.

Afterall, being rich matters.

…And I always fill my pockets first, in order to empty it filling my soul all over again and again, untill I reach bankruptcy. 😛

Then I find a new job to fill the pockets up again…

“Into the sea”

And here comes one more story….


It’s been a long time for what I am thinking to write, my nerves says write when my heart counterattack to tell don’t, and it’s not your time.  Wait, wait and wait till you become sure of what stands ahead is yours or just a bright light, too bright to make you see through, enough indeed to turn you blind. This is funny right? Without light you are blind and with light, too bright you are blind as well. An irony to describe but how should I? How can I? It’s not my job to describe every side of good and bad, even if it is, there is a different perception in every mind. What I believe is good might not be the same for someone else and what I find bad might be good to someone. How can I convince my heart to choose among this situation I never wanted to be in and somehow drowned and I couldn’t swim?

How do I find my escape to the deep seas running along the currents, turning water hot and cold with up and down swirls? And there I am tumbling and rumbling against my will and I am pacing towards a cyclone, almost to reach and yes I am afraid, scared of being lost in oblivion and never being seen again. For my whole life I wanted this to happen to go extinct and never been noticed and remembered ever again but now when I am to have this come true I am breaking into litters of nobody, no human, no existence and shaming into my coward state.

And I wonder, what is this change? Which turned me a fluttering brain?  May be I was born a fragile body but never with a feeble soul. My heart was an asset for bravery and brain for wisdom, but I found it to be losing and then lost somewhere I can’t reach anymore and I am weak, too weak to take any stand to make any choice and to see any right. And I am falling like never before, with no hopes and dreams to see the calm moon and beautiful sunrise again.

I feel tired and nauseated because of the salt and water filling my lungs above its level, I cannot breath, I need air, I need space, I need an escape to a dry land to breathe in and to cough out this gritted unease and I can’t find my escape. I am falling deep like a baby in a mother’s womb waiting to come out to have its first breath and feel the freshness of getting over the stressed state, but I cannot make it. And I am drowning and I see the light too bright for me to even see in my own memories and then it’s dark like I never felt before and I am almost at the bottom, I can feel the closeness of that sand which is calling me, ready to shelter my body and occupy my soul into the seas and never release it to the universe. And there I am throbbed at the land with no noise but an agitation in surrounding water, a little disturbance enough to make it turbid and annoy the life under there. Probably they must hate me to occupy their personal space and coming like an intruder or maybe they are celebrating to have feasts for a month to rely on with no efforts and run for food. But there I am, feeling suffocated inside that mortal residues of human body cuffing my soul inside and I am begging every second of those tiny friends under there to scavenge all my sin and let me help have an escape from this burden, leaving it behind to them living under depths of water, to help release the trapped soul to universe, back to home, to feel the dark and light together, to live like a free form, free energy in a poised system. But I am cursed, cursed to stay deep there, untouched even by the scavengers and strife and remain broken for the committed sins. And yes I can see I have fallen that deep, that, I can never rise again with any hope to see another day, another tomorrow with any glory or a good story for myself to be in peace. Everything stated in parts, like a chapter forming a book, stone framing a road, hope leading to dreams and a life building to transient paradise with a reality of shallowness in terms of deep love, blindness in terms of light and distressed in terms of happiness.

 My suffering speaks all of it but I can never be heard and never be seen as this is the nature’s way of putting justice to doings I have made and had been.

And there was me, cold, asleep, lying deep into the sea.

“Mind your tongue”


If someone thinks you are an idiot, better to stay silent than talk and prove it.

I am writing this article for some kind of people who never give a mind to their words and just blab like a an infant putting their toe in their mouth. No I am not talking about Sonam Kapoor, neither Rahul Gandhi nor any nerd politician. Generalising it about people who focuses only on uttering the words without giving it a brain. And this kind of shit happens most in families and group of friends, because you never have to think before you speak. At times you also meet such useless mouths in your workplace as well. I swear I feel like giving a fist to that person’s face who so ever has made this non sense stuff to promote less usage of brain and more of you facial muscle. Because I am a kind of person who believes words are the treseaure of life, makes you smart, intelligent, wise, respected and personalitied. So do a favor on people and yourself by staying silent letting them being at peace and buy you some respect or start thinking before you speak and speak what you can stand for. Don’t just let the insiders and outsiders or anybody else know what a goof you are. Everybody might not be born smart but everybody can learn to act smart by a simple way of just… ” mind your toungue”.

“Hello Happiness”

Some gifts can travel miles,
Just to see you smile.
An unexplained journey of love and romance,
A weird kind of intimacy of unspoken words.

Books, shoes and coffee, family, friends and my lovey dovey amazing surprise.

Is my story of 2017 happy new year and a happy happy birthday… with wide big smiles, tight embraces and sweet whispers saying… hello happiness.

A good start of a good year🤗

“2016 bygones”

Last day of the year, pretty cold morning, and I am up early enjoying my hot cup of espresso. And my day is not going to start as warming as I expect unless I wish my pretty cute and beautiful readers an amazingly Gooooooooood Morning with a biiiiiig smile 😀

And my reasons to be this happy, firstly its end of the year, putting all the boring, annoying, disturbing, bad things to a denouement.

Second, it’s Saturday, a good time to hang out with family, friends or just some self company, partying, having fun or may be sitting in solace resolving some harsh encounters, burying the bitterness to peace or suit yourself with your chosen cause to bid goodbye to 2016 bygones and embrace the coming year ahead, just the way you wanted.

The third and the best,  even if you don’t find a reason to be happy, just focus on one thing… it’s Sunday tomorrow. And there you go.. See now you are happy. 🙂

Now I will see you guys another year with another stuff, hope to be more active and better in whatever I share with you.

Till then have fun, party hard but don’t spend too much wasting on non sense stuff.

Be blessed, be happy and take care.

Have a good day 🙂


“The last Kiss”

A tiny tale from my collection. I hope you guys like it.


And they decided to lock their hearts together to that very moment and walk themselves in a different direction, to save that love they shared for times, to save those memories they had, to bury the bitterness into graves instead the feelings, they made a step ahead kissed for one last time and walked opposite ways, to keep “the last kiss” forever.

“A sinking titanic”


Every beginning has an end, so does love stories and here is my thought about how I feel and a reason why I hate… love stories.

Talking to each other

With endless words and moments,

Sharing and caring

Even the distance and differences,

Of being casted oddly together

Went on planning a bond forever…

Never noticing the time on watch

Kept passing for a long walk,

Happy memories

And living stress free…

First time in years things were ever at peace,

Wow! What a relief,

hard to believe that  I am living

And hell yeah, I am loving

But, of course it can not last forever,

Happiness comes with an expiry,

I should have known,

Not believing in fairyland and its story.

It gets fade and so did happened,

As slowly things have changed.

I lost my roads

Along with missing hues,

And I couldn’t know how?

But, I looked stranger, more to me,

I missed being me,

How can I define?

I just wanted to be free.

So am I…

free to…

Feel alone, again

Stranded on a dead end, and yet again

In every step of life

When I choose to walk

When I am trying to talk

this always has to happen…

It starts so pure, organic,

and then with no pre warnings,

it just ends like a sinking titanic.

RIP: love and the damn  creepy stories.



It’s a story of a beautiful lady I met once, a pure and an honest soul. It’s a little part of her life which remained untold till she was alive. I believe she deserves a bit of attention for her trueness and bravery which would always put her into nothing but troubles. She deserves to be known. So here I am narrating, tiny but important section of Rebella’s life. Likely her name she never failed to prove what a rebel she was. I had always considered her the most precious gift, a gift which never got its worth acceptance by anybody because she was born as girl with a tongue. She was an adorable chatterbox you would want to hear all day-night and she would never ever speak any nonsense but intellect. What a visionary with brilliant imagination of authentically logical thoughts and all she wanted was to give her voice to inspire a change. She was a blessing who had misfortunes of fate, which made her no acceptance by the society and people for being her way. Been mocked and knocked every time she tried to speak her words, was insulted and named, sick mind for trying putting an effort to change the pre-existing trend.

Of course she had to face this because she did a mistake. She was a girl, how could she be allowed to speak her words. She was not being killed right after her birth and given an opportunity to be alive and see this beautiful world was not enough that she is demanding more for her? How could she carry an audacity to speak for her rights and bringing a change of equality?

She’s not given this much privilege and she would never be granted this much. She should be disdained of the benefits for bits of freedom she has been guaranteed, for trying to take advantage of it. And she was stoned for being a talkative ass and been caged in the prison of darkness and silence for eternity.

Pained and tired, helpless, what she could do, had no choice but to shut her because she was alone. No single soul to understand what she wanted and what she deserved. All were her haters and she could do nothing but give up on her chords. She went muted and lost in non-recovering darkness.

One day, she was sitting on her roof gazing at stars, talking to them with her silent eyes, demanding answers for her unending queries. No words were there to fill the empty air with sounds and her brain rushed the noise of thoughtful ideas. She took a journal and started framing them, thinking of making it a public post as an anonymous writer. To her surprise there was an unexpectedly brilliant result. She was feeling proud of reaching up to find a way for swaying her dreams of sharing her mind to the world, to bring a revolutionary change. The same time she was belittled by the existence of pretentious people who could never accept her in real, being alive and put her under the death of muteness for life.

And, on virtual world the same people are sharing and spreading her words like an inspirational and motivational message giving her a new life. It was a grieving instead of happy moment, for being born in a state of organisms hiding their originality under masks.

Well, how long could she be running from the fact that she too belongs to these same people, she is the part of same society with fake people. And she learnt to give her realities a frame of life under her words, giving her life a gift of pretentiousness, just to be a fit in this world full of spineless creatures.

Initially it appeared very easy to be a hide and speak in words, grab the fame; become a star in an unreal colossal. She was getting in love with this sort of moment; suddenly she had a self-realization of becoming one among them. She hated being pretentious, it was never her, never her dream to be like them all. She knew she was different and knowing for becoming the one like hideous, she felt absolutely broken. She was a born talent, and she never needed falseness inside her to shine among world.

Then came the bravest move she ever did, she decided to write her story, speaking about her journey of turning pretentious, then to a realization of strife air choking her soul for getting caged in the fame of fake mess. She was so damaged that she couldn’t stand being a prisoner of unrealistic population, so, gave the last words to her followers, to bring an activation of differentiating among beauty of being real than being ostensible. And she needed to do something different, something audacious, she adopted to prove herself in no words but, to release her soul from this body lying under cuffs of ostensible life, to let her shine like a star in a place somewhere she could be her, be real.

“Thence, a lie buries to ashes, when the brightness arise,

A pretentious dies into bushes, when the reality is alive”.

“Stolen words…”


You remembered or not but I told you once, every time someone walks off my life takes a
part of it. Some takes a bit, some takes a little more than that and someone takes all, leaving not even a shit. And here is the surprise gift of my life, it just happened to me like I have said. Today I am standing at the cross-roads, thinking, trying, fighting, rattling inside to find a single reason to get back started again with life and damn you, you just left me with nothing inside but a hollow empty vessel wishing for some angels to enter  this meat suit and fill it with some soul, with some purpose. The tragedy is when your God leaves you alone with just a stamp of suspicion on your head, you really don’t know whom to consult for an advice, which church to worship for forgiveness, forgiveness for not really being a sinner yet being prepared for purge, forgiveness for faith, forgiveness for love, forgiveness for asking, forgiveness for looking and forgiveness for being a human.  I knew life never comes easy and handy and if you are demanding love, it is like selling your soul to a demon and expecting not to be betrayed. Well when your angels just turn against you what on heaven could save you from being ripped into pieces.  And this is what my life is now, like a huge fiery pit of hell inside me, burning day and night, torturing me in every possible way, feeding on my words and it seems I can’t take it, not anymore, I  can’t hold myself, I have to surrender and let it take what it wants of me.

I am a writer and for me heaven means words and hell means losing them. My heaven is flourished with ideas and thoughts and I am sorry I am a human being so I have emotions too. When every emotion stands up together right against your thoughts, it just creates the exact hell which is impossible to escape and you just give up not in seconds, but sooner or later you do.  Trust me I tried everything, I rode the streets, hit the mountains, headed the oceans and wandered the woods but I couldn’t find any hope, any lead which could save it. I just couldn’t find anything to settle down the rage, negotiate the love, accept the unacceptable and then I had to pay. I tried too hard to hold on, I tried not to give up but slowly, slowly I was being eaten up and then there was nothing left but a whole volcano of silence, they took everything, even my words, and all of it leaving me with nothing but a dead soul I couldn’t deal with.  You have stolen my words and I can’t have them back.

I still tried to love you with only left scrapping of my heart, I tried to trust you again, I tried to be together, again, but I couldn’t find any good reason to keep going, keep holding and keep waiting for light to enlighten my way. All I could see was darkness with the emerging monsters haunting me every day and night, and I knew I can’t fight them, I can’t win over them. So it has to end. I know I won’t be the same again, I won’t be the writer I wanted to be, but I will be the human and I will be something, far away from you, fighting and struggling for peace, not in a day but someday, I know I will have it with me.


“a letter to my grandparents”

With growing age and techno life we just have somehow forgotten about looking after our grandparents, who have been playing a great role in making our childhood special and exciting. Just an expression to remind people that we should not forget the values of our loved ones with this technological age, but make it a wiser use in some sense.


635940970455345192-1649007089_How to Deal with Grandparents Who Spoil Your Children

Dear Grandpa and Grandma

I know I have been writing a lot in my life about a lot of stuff and people and happenings but I never did anything for you. I have received many appreciations but, none can beat the blessings I ever received from you both, regardless of your understanding to either of my stuff, you both have conveyed your best of ever wishes and showering love on me always. And today, while sitting on my writing desk, I saw your picture placed on a left corner I noticed it might have been taken ages back.  You two were looking very amazing as always and very young, I kept looking to it for a while and I realized you have turned too old now.

Yes of course, it is natural, but what unnatural is our non-realization about the efforts you both did made then and even now for…

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“A peddlers night”


Sunday evening on my way to hotel, a friend insisted to hang out for a while at peddlers (#chandigarh#sector35). Though, I was not really in a mood, tired and a bit sad, but agreed to go. The moment I was standing at the main entrance I could hear the sound of music and the band members performing. So whosoever has said that music can heal everything must be acknowledged.. Because, here I was happy and excited to get inside. Before I could just jump in, I had to wait a bit looking up for the entry procedure.  So, while straddling outside I heard  a female voice coming from the basement and it was so amazingly beautiful that turned me more enthralled to see the band. Also, the other reason I would count, that…. I have never seen female singers at pubs here. So, this moment in itself was very much appreciable, and exciting curious in its own.

And suddenly, a thought about an old friend hit my head, maybe it’s their band performing here. I knew his sister has recently joined the band and have heard a lot about her talented voice, which I never happened to witness … And I just hoped…. might see them tonight. So, I was totally thrilled, good to go now, sit and just enjoy the music.

Well, I have been to this place before and the crowd, especially after 9:00pm is crazily mad. Though, I don’t like much of loud noise but sometimes, just love to be into a place like this and listen the rocking music and watching people going lost into the beats and bottles (of beer) of course. 

So, the moment I went downstairs, I was flabbergasted with my strong intuition…..  right in front of me was my old crush, my dearest friend, and my most favourite live performer, with his 6 piece  band (#TherunwayProject#). What a moment! Few minutes back I was sulking for ending of my party holidays and and a moment after I was feeling the most luckiest person on earth. If I have asked for anything else, too, would have been true. That was an amazing unplanned surprise, a rocking-musical night with some very special friends. Everything at that moment was perfect…Bottle of beer, yummie nachos, favourite singer and an amazing place. What on heavens I could wish for to have in that moment to make it more perfect. Well there is something I could wish for… My sweetheart, whom I just bid a home going goodbye. He deserved to be here in that moment, he is an avid music lover just like I am an avid book lover. His presence would have made it beyond perfect.  Well he wasn’t around so I had no choice but to miss him at every beat of music with every sip of beer. Anyways, I am not here today to describe my love story but something else which made me feel like writing about this place.

Before I proceed ahead, I must mention, the female voice in this band was mesmerizingly talented. I have known rest of the band members for years and have seen their amazing work, but this girl is something beyond incredible. She sings in a band of 6, all guys, who already are more experienced, but when she takes her role, she makes it count and all you want to do at that moment is… just sit by her side, let her play that pretty acoustic and sing her style (#yougogirl). She was “the star of the night”.

Now comes the point of sharing this piece with you all. Yeah, a reason that my favourite singer  (#hottie#leadsinger#therunwayproject#vikas) was holding the stage, yet, there was a bigger reason to write… “The crowd”. Usually, what we see in most of the pubs about crowd is some youngsters, couples, friends, but here was something catchy today. I could see people in their mid 40s to 50s coming, getting drunk, enjoying the music, dancing like crazy freaks, irresistible to hit their boots on the floor. I was sitting watching everyone there nicely on their chairs, and it was just half an hour past and I was still sitting watching nobody else except me and my friend, while rest all were on the floor, embracing the music into their souls and dancing like nobody’s watching.

Honestly, they were being watched by me, being clicked by somebody I don’t know, but fun part was, nobody seemed to bother anything apart than making amazing dance moves and poses. I could see everybody in the hall had their own signature moves which guaranteedly no Prabhudeva or Remo D’suza could teach or invent. It was their creativity after beer, which also gave me a live proof of the science fact  I have read that, beer bring in the innovative and creative you. Well, It was so damn true….I had the evidence, and also this beer effect brought me into an idea of writing about this place and the ambience, to bring it into notice among people who could explore and feel on their own, not through these words but, being here, watch it and have it live.

The place is a positive vibe and trust me that wasn’t the beer effect at all. It was “The crowd”, from old to young, families to singles, all were having equal fun. It gave a sense of crack in the wall “the G-gap wall”. That was the main of this place. And my cherry on the cake was a late 40s guy sitting on my left, initiated the first dance on the floor with obviously of everybody’s personal favourite song i guess must be on every playlist “Mai ni meriye” (#mohit chauhan#silkroute), and nobody could resist after-words to hit it on the ground. But my sizzling brownie with ice cream coated hot chocolate topping was those “duo sisters” who just made me fall in love with them in that moment. They were so amazing on the floor, and FYI…they were almost my mums age. The way they were having their moment, making every eye in that crowd notice their presence while they seemed absolutely busy having fun and living their life, I couldn’t  resist but to  write and mention in literal words…..”Baba, you are beautiful Baba”. 😀

“Better off Alone”


Where I got compared with other,

Looked down as nothing, an option rather,

Where my existence was a question mark,

I was mocked for being dark,

Where my talent was always ignored,

And my emotions were never adored,

Where my values were kicked off in dust,

And my respect was corroded under rust,

Where being alive is suffocating,

Every day goes tiring and exhausting,

Where home meant a grave on earth,

And I was getting no worth,

I kept my believes and never stop,

Packed my bags and geared up,

To move a place somewhere unknown,

Where I can live better off alone…



I was just little

When they abducted me

Wasn’t even a sweet sixteen

And they bargained for me,

Like a baby fish.

To serve a commune of humongous beasts,

Until I cut my eventual breath,

Or it maybe even after,

Albeit, I am dead

They will imbibe it all through my bone

As long I nurse their purpose.

What did I do, be this despairing on earth?

And what gratifying they have done, to be called humans?

To be rewarded on taking my childhood off?

Ripping my dreams apart

Wrenching and dragging me onto the streets

And throwing into their hands…

Those who could save me from it,

Conjointly delighted the feast,

And I broke down…

I served those punks for years

Utterly in pain and tears,

I could not even run

I was all shattered and they were having fun,

My cries remained unheard,

My wounds were not either soothe,

Yet, I had to work,

I had to serve

Until I take my last breathe.

I lost my apprehension,

My aspiration for a thing to be better

Had all bygone,

Only wait is crowing

To envisage for a day

When I could get away, from this curse

Untie my soul and let it immerse

To a place,

No mortal could emerge.

And watch those barbarians throttling in pain

Paying for their gluttony,

Hankering to drink,

And ticking on and on in purgatory.

“Not made for me”


I was pondering deeper in thoughts

mousing onto something

I don’t know what,

Perhaps about you and unpredictable life

Going on…




And risky

Yeah all together, on and on…

Adventures and hunting

Tripping and grunting

Well planned, and well made

Joy is all we look to persuade

Getting lost, yet, to a direction

With obstacles, but not any objections,

Having many hurdles to cross,

Gigantic mountains to pass,

But, hand in hand we can go across…

Every thunder every storm

By just holding on,

Whilst, I broke up from a dream

Waking up to reality

With all my loneliness

An old life… completely empty

Shattered hopes and a be-gone faith

In some head trips, those are not made for me.

“A letter to my grandparents”

635940970455345192-1649007089_How to Deal with Grandparents Who Spoil Your Children

Dear Grandpa and Grandma

You know I have been writing a lot in my life about a lot of stuff and people and happenings but I never did anything for you. I have received many appreciations but, none can beat the blessings I ever received from you both, regardless of your understanding to either of my stuff, you both have conveyed your best of ever wishes and showering love on me always. And today, while sitting on my writing desk, I saw your picture placed on a left corner I noticed it might have been taken ages back.  You two were looking very amazing as always and very young, I kept looking to it for a while and I realized you have turned too old now.

Yes of course, it is natural, but what unnatural is our non-realization about the efforts you both did made then and even now for all of us. And today through this writing I wanna convey an apology for not being so responsible before and a message I think I should have written a long ago, but I was  ignorant and irresponsible enough to miss the importance of you.

You have been together for ages,

Lived under walls of restrictions and cages

All the suffering and pains

And you were not allowed to disdain.

No choice to make, no option to take

Be open to whatever comes your way

Opportunities with hurdles

Either to take or pass it away…

And you two did it very strong

Jumped every obstacle together

Made your hunt, be it right or wrong

You faced it all by holding on

Working day and night

Harder and harder,

Ignoring all your bruises

I know there was no room for excuses…

Then, you spent every inch of your life

Raising your kids

And looking after grandkids

With no demands of gifts and cents

Never asked either a return for you investments

Your demands were too little

And your affection is endless

But, what we did

To deserve either of it

We are so ignorant and busy finding fish stories

Losing our life’s best moments and glories.

Becoming too blind to see

You are losing it

Your memory, your strength

Your hopes and all of it

I know, you would never say anything

But your eyes do,

They tell a lot

They speak about the painful stories

Your wrinkles talks about the broken strength

And your weak bones say the tottered expectations….

On us, all of us

For not taking proper care of you

For not being grateful for your efforts

For lashing at you

For being a reason to your broken hopes

For not loving you enough

For counting in numbers

If we do a thing for you

And you still don’t hate us

But why

May be I know…

Because every passing year of life

You might have lost every bright side

Might lose everything

But it’s not end for all

You have gained immense wisdom

Grace of patience

Virtue to see a bright vision through a blur eye

And an unending treasure trove of love

Is what makes you chose, to be with us

To see us rise

Being happy and wise

To teach us our legacy

And touch of our roots

To transform us

From mere machines of no emotions,

And only system reboots

To more alive and more humans

With love: your granddaughter

P.S: Thank you for giving us the best love story alive, with best moments and best values.

“Way back to Home”

It’s a story of my experience a few days back, when I was on hike for my adventure trip, where I met a friend and his family and I made my stay there for couple of days. I wasn’t a part of that place, neither that family nor the people I met, but somehow it was all conspired in a way through universe to me like I do earn this space. Every moment, every laughter those smile, that love and affection that respect and care, every inch of it reminded me of a feeling being at home, which I have missed almost every age of my life, as I never had much of time to stay home and spend time with my family. I think this is one of the most memorable and amazing time in my memory box I am going to keep like forever. It was so beautiful that I wouldn’t mind holding on to that picture for whole and stay there as long as I can to own that undiscoverable divine peace forever. This is the best thing about mountains and living there; you can always find your lost serenity and touch of life back, feeling always rejuvenated and more enthusiastic, capable of handling every upcoming challenge with courage and beauty. That’s what hills and its people will teach you throughout.

And here goes my experience of nostalgic moments to that beautiful place where I was once and would like be to again.

Though, I wasn’t a part

But you created like I do,

On a way back to home

Where I met you,

Your family

A reintroduction of myself to me…

If, reconnoiter my experiences

There ain’t much to remembrance

About life I could state

What a home meant to me,

Nothing more than a feeling of being alone and lonely…

Then, there at your land

I discovered my peace,

My solace

An embraced equanimity,

Entirely for a happiness of being near

Being with thee…

The renowned touch of family and clan

Raised by a beautiful lady and a handsome man,

Warmth of being around

Those feel to have,

Affectionate love that keeps you bound


Unpretentiously charming,

As there is always something

In words to speak

Sometimes a silence,

But, somebody to listen, to upkeep;

Incredible experience outside talks I had

I would feel delighted and glad,

To count this experience in my memory,

Those after past years when I will leap back in time

I would miss this touch,

A connotation of comfort for being home

And the alluring little story, if not much…

Plenty of love to save in my minutes

That I did had, a

Home once in my years,

Somewhere I felt happy

I felt like me,

A majestic experience

Love mastic sentiments,

On a way back to home

I unearthed my vanished contentment.

“Words of my Silence”


There ain’t a thing which makes me happy,

Ain’t a thing which makes me smile,

It’s just emotions I have made,

Sometimes last long,

Sometimes fade,

Right after a short while.

I looked up to find a move,

To get over this hovering hoof,

But I don’t know….

Which way to go, which way to start,

Either keep going or to stop,

All I know…

I need a direction to there,

Somewhere grand,

Having somebody by my side, to stand…

To feel what I feel,

To see what I see,

To have me there, when I am not,

To know I am alive,

Even in my absence,

And to hear the words of my silence.

“Dead wings of inheritance”

26626 Mother & Daughter Memory Box

This is a sort of letter in a form of phrasal emotion from a daughter to her mother, depicting her life, upbringing and the bond they two shared. But, how she is getting stressed with the over worries of her mother for being a grown up girl and feeling broken and dumped by her own shadow image for the lack of same trust they had in old days but seems lost now.

This is a thought in a form of a message for all those mothers:

“Do not let your daughters burry in the grief of being grown up and fears of being a girl, instead teach them the strength you gave when they were scared of putting that first toe on the ground for the fear of falling and you became a support, convincing nothing to be worried as I am here to protect you. Gift your daughters the gift of being brave and being bold in your teachings; not the demoralization of being a girl and that too a grown up and haunt them of people outside. Give them that bond of trust they had on you when they were kids. It’s your turn to keep that faith and let your little angels spread their wings to take their own tour. Don’t give those “dead wings of inheritance”. They deserve better than this, a better life of freedom and respect”


You felt so blessed to have a daughter,

Happy like anything…

The very most precious gift you could wish,

You cared, you nurtured,

Your little angel

Taught her to walk,

To talk

And fight the world,

Since she was a kid…

You taught her to behold

Things with her sight,

Taught her to stand against wrong

And up for her right.

She grew up that way

She kept walking on that trail…

She loved to be she

She loved to be loved by thee…

You were her courage,

Her world for now and every age…

She knew your smiles

For baby steps she took,

That bond you shared when she look

Into your eyes,

That she knew,

You will be there

For her,

Every moment of life…

When she will feel shattered

You will hold her strong,

To say not now

You have a big way to go.

She grew up this way

She loved being it,

The every bit,


Suddenly you realized she is grown up,

Yours fears started growing too…

Feeding them at cost of trust, you over cared.

You bounded her, so she don’t run,

And never dare.

Emotional torture every now and then,

It broke her somehow

Even if she never said,

She feels weak.

Not because she is afraid like you,

But for a reason,

Your fears pushed her far against you.

She never meant this to happen,

Never to exist

You taught her to fly,

When she was a kid,

Now you taking her wings back,

Because she owe you;

She owe you her life,

She will shed her wings

To see you smile.

But, you must know a thing,

She couldn’t wish to survive,

Her dreams, her hopes

Would die,

If she could, never again fly…



That beautiful night

Under the dim light

You and I were standing

Side by side

Holding my hands

Pulling towards yourself

Rolling up your fingers

Fiddling around my neck,

Moving on to shoulders

Hands on my back

Whispered magic in ears

While unzipped my dress

Beautiful gaze met our eyes

Your lips locked upon mine

Standing close and tight

Kissing in passion, then going wild

Resting my head on your shoulder

Playing all over with each other

Crying little moans and groans

As slowly you enter

And we kept going on

Very Soft and tender

Feeling high with a hormonal rush

Man, I could see you blush

Our bare bodies falling and rise

Aahhh! Making love is a heavenly paradise

“Happy returns of the Day”


Although my surprise is spoiled but, there isn’t anything better I could do to express the importance of this day and its existence. I don’t know what you have been feeling and told by people every year but for me it’s really a very special day. A special feel to have you in life, sharing and planning a numerous crimes, talks, discussions and much more without looking at our clocks.

If it wasn’t the day, I would have never met a beautiful soul teaching me ecstasy of being good and the delight of appreciations. I could have never got a better critic correcting my mistakes, acknowledging my efforts, giving a push to move my lazy butt when needed, listening when I wanna talk, holding me if I ever fall, keeping me warm when I am cold, when weak, you are there to tell I am bold, being a motivation when I feel lost. You have done endless efforts to make everyday a happy one for me and I literally have no idea how to revert it back in any way and how to say what you mean for me. All I have is a wish to be there with you at this very moment to say it all looking into your eyes that you are really very special, more special than these words and phrases can depict.

Like you say: as long as technology is here, we will stay connected anywhere

Not being there, but wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from here. #BhubneshKatwal#Thullu# :* 🙂

There ain’t many pictures

For public display,

Ain’t any video to

Pause or play,

What I have for you to gift,

Only, words of my life and all my wit.

A promise to keep,

Which I have made,

A journey of togetherness

To always persuade,

With the memories we created and had,

Those moments we shared, but never planned.

Epic stories we had to tittle-tattle,

Historic events to foretell and settle,

A long way for us to go on along,

Every step of togetherness

Is what we belong,

A thread of trust and faith we sway,

Connecting us for the love we portray.

Losing my phrases, how better to convey,

Just wanted to be there

To celebrate this day,

For the happy hours in eternity

That brought you here,

Being grateful to all those,

For bringing us close,

To express, you have been special

And you were worth waiting,

For every past year,

To wish you a very happy returns of the day,

My darling my dear

“Wings to Fly”


How to give a start to my day

Where I go to find my way

Every time I fall whenever I try,

Where to get my wings to fly…

I kept hoping

I kept looking

Rebuilding my dreams,

Even if I am breaking…

It seems so dark

How am I supposed to walk

On those shearing roads,

With broken ends

I am trying hard

But there ain’t any mend…

Every time I fail whenever I try,

Where to get my wings to fly…

It’s getting tough,

With every fight

I am trying enough,

But can’t make a flight

I am losing my strength and

My direction gone lost,

It’s so dark here

With frozen frost.

I am falling apart whenever I try,

Where to get my wings to fly…

Crushed and crushed

Losing my trust

In happiness, I could ever see

How would I become the one I wanted to be,

I appear to be a misfit

For everything I wish for,

I give it up away

I can’t make it anymore…

Shedding tear for my ripped

Castles in the sky,

Where to get my lost wings to fly…

Scornful male! what a shame!

“Her clothes provoked me

So I raped her”            


It really shatters me when I see people around, their brain stalled in thoughts of narrowness. Sometimes, I really abhor this chauvinist society and its supporters. Especially when they blame girls themselves, a reason for facing harassment and getting tortured by various incidence taking place every now and then in this male dominant social hub. And I wonder do they keep the same statements for their own daughters, mothers, and sisters and for other relations too?

Maybe and maybe not…

As I have seen and heard of certain incidences where people do not even spare their closed ones, so no big surprise if they speak their mouth full of bitterness for other people who are not even a part of their life and lifestyle.

Every day when I read or hear about molestation, eve teasing and rapes cases, I ask myself what could be a reason for all these crimes happening every day? And I do not know whom should I blame. Is it, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment as a root cause for this blot or is it the patriarchy responsible for inequality among males and females, or the system for not making any strict laws or what else?

When I walk on streets I see good-looking, literate, employed, rich, law makers and its keepers participating equally. Commenting on girl’s clothes and using bad words. There is no specific community or a group which is making crime; it’s all insidious in the entire section of patriarchy society.

So, it’s the mentality which should be changed, not somebody’s clothes.

People say girls wear provoking clothes which is leading to exploitation. Well, girls do get tortured and raped in small villages by Hippocrates. And they don’t wear any provoking clothing at all, completely following the societal rules, regulations and bondage but, still being raped. What would these people comment now?

And if I ask, why a guy is not getting commented or blamed or looked for any justification for wearing shorts, partying, boozing, and staying out for late nights. And yet, is called a good cool dude and a hardworking one. While the other side a girl is being tagged as a loose character, whore, slut etc. for doing the same stuff. Is it not a travesty of women’s rights?

We do celebrate women’s day but, a day for women where they get all equal rights as do men have, is still to come. And it is almost impossible to happen unless this male dependent dominating society stops mocking about women.

Let them grow and live their lives. When you males have got the freedom and rights for all what you want, then why can’t you tolerate females enjoying their life?

Visualization of someone’s character on the basis of their clothes and their lifestyle is apparently not acceptable. As there is always a black sheep in disguise of saints and no one dies as a chaste, life screws each and everyone at certain moments. So, it’s better to stop making judgments about those whom we do not know, not even a bit. People must be understood than being judged, and if you lack this capability then you must not comment on anyone’s life. You have got no right.

Therefore, rather than being judgmental about a women in specific, better

try to feel the pain she have been facing throughout her life, try to see the dilemma she is going through every day. Try to understand her a little. Try to respect her more. And put a little effort to make society learn some good values.





easy way ahrd way

its easy to make someone cry,
its hard to make  someone laugh.
easy to love someone,
hard to get love from someone.
easy to break a
hard to make and maintain a  relation.
easy to let someone go away ,
hard to let someone stay.
easy to break a heart,
hard to make a heart.
easy to hurt feelings,
hard to create feelings.
easy to say something,
hard to do the same thing.
easy to expect,
hard to be perfect.
easy to find mistakes,
hard to accept and correct the same.
easy to live life,
hard to love life.

“Sneak a peek into old times”

Time keeps on moving at its own pace. No matter how hard we try, it keeps going and growing. So, all we can do
is, live every moment, capture the sweet ones and  take a sneak back to old times of life, whenever we like. There are a collection of so many good memories in our time box and mine is full of millions of such wonderful and happening events. The one among my most favorites I am sharing here.

brother sis fight

Pondering back on short whiles of life,
Realizing, I missed most of that time,
Spent watching wrestling with my brother,
Taking practice sessions on each other,
Hitting and jostling like mad,
Having a real mortal combat,
The only audience we had, our mother…
I wish to skip some moments
and go back to that time rather,
where my world was though, not so peaceful,
small, yet, very beautiful.