“2016 bygones”

Last day of the year, pretty cold morning, and I am up early enjoying my hot cup of espresso. And my day is not going to start as warming as I expect unless I wish my pretty cute and beautiful readers an amazingly Gooooooooood Morning with a biiiiiig smile 😀

And my reasons to be this happy, firstly its end of the year, putting all the boring, annoying, disturbing, bad things to a denouement.

Second, it’s Saturday, a good time to hang out with family, friends or just some self company, partying, having fun or may be sitting in solace resolving some harsh encounters, burying the bitterness to peace or suit yourself with your chosen cause to bid goodbye to 2016 bygones and embrace the coming year ahead, just the way you wanted.

The third and the best,  even if you don’t find a reason to be happy, just focus on one thing… it’s Sunday tomorrow. And there you go.. See now you are happy. 🙂

Now I will see you guys another year with another stuff, hope to be more active and better in whatever I share with you.

Till then have fun, party hard but don’t spend too much wasting on non sense stuff.

Be blessed, be happy and take care.

Have a good day 🙂



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