“Ballerina on the street” 

She was a dancer, very much in her true spirit, a darn dance lover, living with the only wish, to be known, for her talent. But, the fears of being judged created a big barricade of reluctance in her art.

She was timid, still a passionate dancer. She was really good but, fears kept her from being great. And, slowly and slowly it made her to realize, becoming a dancer who would be remembered for ages, appears like far dream, fading into sky, getting lost and never seen. She was becoming dull and couldn’t do well, even in alone. She felt like a lonesome, an abandoned person with no hopes and choices in life. She started to suffer inside, unable to breathe, getting weaker and lean, losing the focus and strength.

One day, at a late night, while going home from practice, walking on an empty road, she stumbled on a stone, got her toe hurt. It made her very angry. In temper and pain she hit the stone hard as hard as she could. It blew right away, tumbling and rumbling, off the road, off the sight. Well, she was still in pain, and approached the nearby bench and sat there for few minutes. The cool breeze and the placid ambience stuffed her with some vibrancy, and she started to reconnoiter the whole incidence in her head, realizing her fears are nothing but the same stone she kicked right away to disappearance. Just like the stone, she needs to kick the fears away too, might be a way harder, with a no comeback for them.

She stood, vowed, never to lose faith in herself, if she lose, she will rise, again and will fight back, again and again but will never back down until she achieve her dream of becoming someone, becoming someone great, someone known, someone to bring a change to the existing trends, someone who could be an inspiration to others. While remaining in thoughts, she rose, closing her eyes to all the fears, burying them into the deep darkness, standing  up on her toes, flowing her hands syncing to the wind, musing at the music being played in her head, and she made her first move, then another and another and another… and danced like nobody is watching.

While kept dancing in her, unfamiliar of being captured in someone’s camera, being watched by somebody’s eyes.

Somebody right there in the same place was noticing her from the beginning. Somebody who was there just like her, seeking some questions, some hope, some inspiration right to fall upon from universe, some help, to give him a thought, to get him a job, to save him from getting homeless, to make him known, to make him someone and he found it right there. He found her, found his inspiration, while she being unfamiliar to his presence, he kept following her, clicking her, every move, every step, right from the beginning, never missing any expression, from head to toe, he captured all.

Once he got every perfect shot needed, he went home, didn’t sleep, and kept working. Working on a story for tomorrow’s headline, a story which will be on every wall, every street, everywhere. Finishing the work, he dropped the mail to his office of his best assignment ever and wanted them to make it on papers by tomorrow. And hoped and believed, he will have what he needs and what he deserves. And sun will shine more beautiful and bright tomorrow.

And, she couldn’t sleep. All she wanted to do was dance and dance. Dance to the moon, following her dreams.

When they both woke up the other day and saw the paper, they realized it’s not said vaguely that tomorrow brings a new shine and new day, a new start.

She couldn’t believe her eyes, the thing she was once afraid of, but wanted to achieve, she already did today. She was on the headlines, “Ballerina on the street”, and on every wall, every street, right there, she was everywhere. She didn’t knew how it happened and who made it happen, but thanked in her heart for giving her a reason to keep going ahead further and farther with higher and bigger dreams

She couldn’t believe what she has achieved, but she deserved it and had it at the right time, right moment, in her moment, her time.

He couldn’t believe that he actually has achieved it. He knew his capabilities before, but now, he new his new incarnation, his inner sense, his courage and his new path which was there but blur, now clear and clean, and he has already initiated his journey full of new challenges.

Just doing the right thing on the right time, keeping the bravery and firmness, propelling away the fears and never shutting your eyes to life, brings the most awaited gifts of life with tremendous joy and happiness vigorously  waiting for you to embrace it. Just like these two unknown people, who made each other known to world with their unending faith and belief in life and universe.



4 thoughts on ““Ballerina on the street” 

  1. Hi Shikha,
    I Once tried to take ballet lessons but it didn’t work out too well for me. I couldn’t stand on my toes. I love your photo. The black-and-white adds to the mood.
    I met you on Danny Ray’s site Congratulations on being his featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too! Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. I also have regular blog parties like Danny. I’m actually having one now and would love for you to come. I blog over at MostlyBlogging.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jancie,
      You can try learning ballet now 😊
      And i kind of like the retro effect in pictures, thank you very much.
      Yeah Danny is great. I will come and check your blog often. Thank you for reading this story. Glad i met you.


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