I am a post graduate in human genetics, a researcher and writer, from India. I love to dance, draw, read, write and travel.

All science readers and writers can also take a look at my another page scientific writing

And you are here on the page of contemplation which is explicitly about sharing and expressing thoughts with the world, making new friends and indulge into intellectual discussions. All ideas, feedback and everything which leads to new learning are welcome on this page.

And here is a little bit connotation about the author:

I am somebody, who just wants to pen down every single thought, hitting my head, rattling about being shared with the world. I am somebody, who loves to write, short to long stories, thorns and roses, words full of flaws and proses. I am somebody, who would want to write until I figure out the perfection flooding out of imperfections, and this will take forever. I am somebody, who will always be a writer, what if not that famous yet, doesn’t means I will never be. I am somebody, who still exists and stands for the righteousness and I am somebody, who will always be a little more than useless, better than being nobody.
And I am simply, somebody….


I appreciate your precious time for visiting my page.

Thank you

Shikha Chandel 😊


13 thoughts on “About

  1. You are somebody who pens down every single moment with such a wonderful thoughts… Whosoever reads your story feels connected. You are somebody who is simply a gem to the writing world. Best wishes, hope you keep on drawing your thoughts and proliferate the wisdom of happiness forever…

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    1. Dear Kumar Digvijay, thats really wonderful appreciation. I feel a little moving towards my goal and little more accomplished, when I see i am capable of drawing some atttention on my work. And its a very content feel when i find readers like you are connecting to my thoughts. I will sure be writing more often to reach as many hearts as possible. Thanks for your compliments.


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