“The Charcter”

If you are creative enough To bring a new You shall find a path To follow The dreams! To lead, to build a castle In your book, Create a chapter, The character You admired but lost In life making tussle. #Happy Reading!


“Shine bright like a Star”

  I break I fall I am hurt I cry Cry hard until asleep, Yet there is another day, Where i shine bright like a star. I wake I stand I hold I am bold Bold to accept my weak, Because, there is another day, Where i shine bright like a star. I battle I [...]


From every small to big, words, Laughter to sorrows, Melancholy to tender rejoice, Poetry comes in variable types, Demanding no returns, But always giving... Sometimes wisdom, At times a new direction, new turns.   Memories and stories, Pains and glories, Hardship to happiness, Poetry is all about what you express. Affections, Passions, Love, Care, Adventure, [...]


A journey from Infant’s smile, To turning Old and senile, Baby’s whine After birth, To utter silence Under grave hearth, Happiness of making A first friend, To pain of walking Lone on ends, A game… with Start of having crush, To end with Broken trust, People with Innocence and modesty, Exploited by Mocking and travesty, [...]

“The Portrait”

Living my childhood hobbies to adulthood passion, writing and sketching. I am not too much of an artist, not even into practice for quite a long time. And here along with this portrait I hit the 50 post of my blog. Please like, comment and share. Your feedback helps me work better. Nothing is better [...]

“Passion! All over again”

I had it into my vein, right to the heart, And now it’s flowing in my blood stream,  All over again  A passion! To start a new way, Of learning something,  Every day To travel the world, From small streets, To long roads  Going Into the woods, At late nights, Wandering the parks, Or pondering [...]

“The travel buddies”

Like you mentioned in your words: “from a same state, different thinking and mind but we are connected with a passion, that is one of its kind – Travelling” Indeed, you have a point, Travelling has always kept us connected, conjoint, I figured out some words to describe A little, A thread of our linking, [...]


Every day I browse internet, at least 1 in every 10 posts uploaded, talks about equality. Mostly, I have been reading about the ["equality"] thoughts of people just promoting feminism. Well, I would like to ask, since when the motto of equality succeeded the propaganda of equal rights and became a misleading thought of overpowering [...]

“A sinking titanic”

Every beginning has an end, so does love stories and here is my thought about how I feel and a reason why I hate... love stories. Talking to each other With endless words and moments, Sharing and caring Even the distance and differences, Of being casted oddly together Went on planning a bond forever… Never [...]


You divide us in Colours of two, One is pink and other is blue, For blended hues you just attack, LGBT, etc. tag. Either you are a masculine supporter or promoting feminism, And then you are talking about equality and humanism? You follow one religion and its God  Then preaches in your community about his [...]

“a letter to my grandparents”

With growing age and techno life we just have somehow forgotten about looking after our grandparents, who have been playing a great role in making our childhood special and exciting. Just an expression to remind people that we should not forget the values of our loved ones with this technological age, but make it a wiser use in some sense.


635940970455345192-1649007089_How to Deal with Grandparents Who Spoil Your Children

Dear Grandpa and Grandma

I know I have been writing a lot in my life about a lot of stuff and people and happenings but I never did anything for you. I have received many appreciations but, none can beat the blessings I ever received from you both, regardless of your understanding to either of my stuff, you both have conveyed your best of ever wishes and showering love on me always. And today, while sitting on my writing desk, I saw your picture placed on a left corner I noticed it might have been taken ages back.  You two were looking very amazing as always and very young, I kept looking to it for a while and I realized you have turned too old now.

Yes of course, it is natural, but what unnatural is our non-realization about the efforts you both did made then and even now for…

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