“Ballerina on the street” 

She was a dancer, very much in her true spirit, a darn dance lover, living with the only wish, to be known, for her talent. But, the fears of being judged created a big barricade of reluctance in her art. She was timid, still a passionate dancer. She was really good but, fears kept her [...]


“Women’s cry”

Cruelty, ruling its worse, our land merging into curse. Its'  my nation, My country, my India       As I see No respect for women, Still, people call themselves human. Girls, being tortured, raped every day, Everyone’s seems Celebrating, lives their way. No one bothering all around, Darn bullshit it sound(s). Why women, so unsafe Is my question? I [...]

“You do not Belong here”

Being a girl myself i know how hard it is to live in this land, fully loaded with a society of chauvinist people. A place where patriarchy has prevailed for years and yet being followed by mob, is making a life of a women not less than an everyday challenge. While we always talking about [...]